Kartik Fine Arts


37th year Art festival 2011

Day 33

Welcome Readers.

Dr Janaki Rangarajan presented a Bharathanatyam recital on January 2 for Kartik Fine Arts.

She was a delight to watch; Having been awarded the 'Nadanamamani' title this year by the sabha, she proved herself immensely worthy, and more. With a perfectly awesome figure for a dancer, she enthralled the audience.

Janaki started the recital with a brisk Vinayakar Kautuvam, that set the pace for the main item next. Her performance for the varnam - 'Innum en manam' of Lalgudi in Charukesi ragam was vibrant, with charming, complex and indepth postures.

Choregraphed by herself, she was creative and we could see a good mix of sitting, araimandi, and the standing postures. Never a moment was dull.

The enthusiasm she showed in the display of the moods was testimony to her passion for the art and perfection. She was looking beautiful, and the beautiful varnam enhanced the beauty of her performance. The costume was a traditionally rich looking one that made her look all the more vibrant.

There were two padams in the programme today, 'Unnaithoodhu anuppinen', a composition of Ganam Krishniyer in Saveri and Periyasamy Thooran's 'Pesa Varan' in Behag. These portrayed the different moods of the nayika. Janaki was relaxed, full of grace and the various emotions she displayed were entertaining.

The music was soothingly soft flowing and unobstrusive, that highlighted the dance part of the show more.

She wound up the recital with the Purvi raga thillana of T Vaidhyanatha Bhagavathar.

There was a deafening round of applause by the audience, who visibly enjoyed Dr Janaki Rangarajan's recital.

Soundararani V


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