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37th year Art festival 2011

Inaugural Function - 1st December, 2011

Welcome Readers.

Kartik Fine Arts' 37th Year Art Festival had a grand start on December 1 at Narada Gana Sabha's Sadguru Gnanananda Hall. The event was attended by a galaxy of eminent persons from all walks of life. Held in association with The India Cements Ltd, the fest is termed the longest in December, that spans over 45 days, across three venues. The festival includes programmes in music, dance and Thamizhisai.

Shri L Sabaretnam, Director, The India Cements Group Companies presided and welcomed the chief guests and the gathering, following an invocation song by S M Vilasini. The organisers and members of the sabha were indeed proud to have Shri ESL Narasimhan, Governor of Andhra Pradesh, in their midst for the inauguration, who conferred the titles - 'Isai Peroli' on Vocalist Dr Pantula Rama, and Nadanamamani on Dr Janaki Rangarajan.

Award of Excellence 2011, instituted by Kartik Rajagopal Golden Jubilee Committee to the best organiser, was conferred on Shri V Narasimhan, Secretary, Asthika Samajam, Thiruvanmiyur. Another award instituted by Smt Nithyasri Mahadevan, in the name of the legend Smt D K Pattammal was given to Ms S M Vilasini.

Dr. Vyjayanthimala Bali and Dr L Subramaniam were the Guests of Honour, apart from a large number of other dignitaries present at the function.

Shri. ESL Narasimhan was visibly impressed by the activities of Kartik Fine Arts and gave a speech filled with values. It was interesting to note that he went in depth about the various facets of promoting arts and music - interspersed with Sanskrit references and quotes laced with humour.

Later it was announced that he had expressed his desire to become 'Kartik Fine Arts' Life Member. Dr Vyjayanthimala Bali was full of praise for the awardees, and spoke high of their talents. The awardees in turn gave crisp speeches to thank their gurus, the sabha, organisers and the rasikas.

The organisers were thankful to the corporates - Saba Foundation, Indian oil Corporation, Embassy Residency - Chennai, and Rajalakshmi Group, who are the co sponsors.

The Inaugural Concert

Dr. L Subramaniam gave a inaugural violin concert, supported by his son, Ambi Subramaniam. Not often we get to hear this legend play in our city, and it was a treat for the full house of rasikas. Subramaniam thanked the sabha for the opportunity given to him, before he went ahead with the concert.

The starting piece was the navaragamalika Adi Tala Varnam - Valachi, and the duo played it in five speeds. A special feature was, the raga alapana earlier touched most of the constituent ragas. This was followed by Vathapiganapathim in Hamsadhwani Ragam (Adi Talam). The violinists played fast paced swarams that took the listeners to the height of enjoyment.

Then there was a short krithi in Karaharapriya - Siva siva siva (said to be a composition of Subramaniam's father), in Roopaka Talam. A grand round of Thani avarthanam by the accompanists - V V Ramanamurthy on the Mridangam, Latha Ramachar on the Kanjira and G Sathyasai on Morsing enthralled the audience. The final piece was a soulful Sindhubhairavi (Venkatachalanilayam - Adi) with a short raga alapana. He then rounded it up the concert with Mangalam.

The brisk playing techniques in between synonymous with the violinist, thrilled the audience, through the entire performance.

Soundararani V.

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