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39th Year Art Festival Inauguration

Kartik Fine Arts launched its 39th Fine Arts Festival in the presence of a huge galaxy of VIPs.

For both the guests on stage, a politician and a Judge, the day's function seemed different kind of a 'kacheri' altogether!

Hon’ble Justice, Smt. Chitra Venkataraman, Madras High Court, inaugurated the festival and conferred the titles on the awardees - Isai Peroli on Smt Nisha Rajagopalan, Nadanamamani on Smt Uma Nambudiripad.

Smt Chitra, in her scholarly speech related music to science, bhakthi, and more, making references from Sangeetha Ratnakara and other research books. Music has palliative effect; Like minded people gathering in a place listening to live music creates a positive vibration; that is what the sabhas promote, she said. She was all praise for the Kartik's committee for the range and variety in chalking out the programmes.

Uddhava Gita - Dancer Bala Devi Chandrasekar's DVDs were also released by the chief guest on the occasion.

Shri. Pazha Karuppiah, MLA, a down to earth politician as his speech described him, turned the hall lively with his relaxed speech about the sharp contrast in situations - he, speaking to knowledgeable audience in this function against political meetings where he needed to address people with simplest level of understanding. Making witty remarks on the cell phone menace that has diluted peaceful lives, he lauded the sabhas' role in preserving the classism in arts, similar to how judicial overstepping protects the country from all the evils in the society. He paid rich appreciation to Sri L Sabaretnam for his lead role in promoting arts and talents, along with Nalli sir.

Sri Y Prabhu, secretary, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, was presented with Kartik Rajagopal Golden Jubilee Committee Award for the Best Cultural Organiser.

D.K.Pattammal Award of Excellence (Instituted by Dr. Nithyasri Mahadevan) was given to vocalist Smt. Vasudha Ravi.

Earlier, Shri. L. Sabaretnam, Chairman, Kartik Fine Arts, and Director, The India Cements Group companies in his presidential address spoke about the achievements, two ambitious projects of Kartik that have been finalised recently. Apart from its overseas project forging ties with SIFA, Singapore, Kartik Fine Arts in USA, will offer performing platform to artistes there. KFA will also collaborate with CMANA in N America to webcast events tying up with Swathi Soft.

‘Kalaimamani’ Smt. Priyadarsini Govind Director, Kalakshetra Foundation, was fully appreciative of the award winners talent and adaptability to changing needs in the industry. She also lauded the work of Kartik Fine Arts' committee under the leadership of L Sebaretnam. He is ever assuring when he says, 'We will do the needful' to the artistes, for any kind of requests relating to performances, she said.

Smt Nisha in her acceptance speech said, I am very thankful, for my wish has been to get the Isai Peroli title, and that she had narrowly missed her Guru Sri TRS sir's presence there, as he passed away very recently. Sri Y Prabhu, seconded Justice Smt Chitra's view that Kartik without any bias had recognised the work of another sabha's secretary, which has shattered the view, 'a secretary's is a thankless job'!

‘Sri’ a Bharathanatyam recital by Ms. Krithika Subrahmanian following the inauguration, enthralled the audience.

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