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37th year Art festival 2011

Day 2

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'Isai Peroli' Vijay Siva's vocal concert gave a whiff of fresh air to the Carnatic music lovers who filled the Narada Gana Sabha Main Hall, and set the stage for a pleasant evening on the 2nd day of the fest.

He started the concert with Muthiah Bhagavathar's 'Ganganapathe namo nama' in Hamsadhwani, and the Thirupugazh 'Apaharanilai pattuzhaladhe' in Chakravaham followed it in quick succession. This Thirupugazh is set to Chathusra Jampa Talam.

Vijay Siva then presented Shyama Sastri's 'Karunajoodavamma' in Pantuvarali after a short raga alapana. Brisk swarams at the end enhanced the beauty of the raga and the krithi.

Then was the Mohana ragam, a melodious alapana followed by Dikshithar's 'Narasimha Agache'. A neraval exercise on the phrase 'Indradhi Pooji...Harihara Brahmendra..' .was enjoyable.

'Ramabhirama manasu' (Thyagaraja) in Dhanyasi was the next krithi.

Vijay Siva sang a grand Karaharapriya then. The krithi' 'Srinvasa Thavacharanam' of Papanasam Sivan, the main item of the concert had liberal swaraprastharam and neraval at 'Kamalajamanohara'. This krithi is set to Tisra EkaTalam and Neyveli Narayanan rendered a good tani on the Mridangam. This item was on the whole a superb rendition.

'Isai Chudar' Amrutha Murali was wonderful on the violin with suitable support to Vijay Siva in Karaharapriya and the other raga alapanas.

After a satisfying Karaharapriya, the audience was treated to a bunch of short and sweet krithis - Mayaladi Bodhanache (Surati), Kannan varugindra neram (Kavadicchindu), 'Thondrunigazhnda...Engal Thai' of Bharathiyar in Bhairavi, and he concluded the concert with Purandara Dasar's Harivasana in Sindhu Bhairavi.

The full house audience gave a loud round of applause realising that Vijay Siva's concert had come to an end after all.

The next programme of the day was Utsav Music's 'G Ramanathan Mudhal A R Rahman varai - Thiraiyisai Pattum Bharathamum' - a dance ballet choreographed by dancer and Guru Radhika Shurajit, with the support of Churchill Pandian.

This production was aimed at taking traditional Bharathanatyam to the common man, said Radhika, who also compered the show with her great narrative skills.

The programme was a series of 14 film songs - a mixture of vintage and contemporary, that were carefully chosen to present them in the Bharathnatyam style. Some of the songs were Mukunda mukunda, Madhavi ponmayilai, Amma endrazhaikadha uyirillaye, Ayyasami avojisami - a folk, kannamoochi yenada, Maraindirunde paarkum, Nalai inda velai parthu odiva nila, Luv birds, ...

The show was an amazing treat, that got the audience glued to their seats till the last. Presented by more than a dozen of Radhika's sishyas, the production is testimony to the entire team's all round skills. The hues of colours that were splashed on the stage, the creativity in bringing Bharathanatyam movements and foot work in film songs, make it into what can be called a thorough entertainment.

A careful choice of the film songs, the tough choreography exercises, the awesome varieties of costumes, the swiftness with which the numbers were presented, spoke volumes of mammothness of the task, lauded the speakers.

Bharathanatyam exponent Padma Subrahmanyam, Journalist Sivashankari, who is also a dancer, lauded the efforts of Radhika Shurajit and her troupe for such a creative venture. They spoke high of the coordination, the enormous practice that had gone into it, and more.

Other celebrities like actor Vivek, Violin Maestro, L Subramaniam and a lot more of dignitaries attended the event.

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