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36th year Art festival 2010 - 3rd December, 2010

Welcome Readers.

Isai Payanam by Smt.Charulatha Mani was a different kind of concert on the 3rd day of Kartik Fine Arts Festival..She has done a lot of research on how the Carnatic Raagams have been used in cinema music then and now...

For today's concert, she had chosen 5 beautiful ragams.. started with Raagam Tilang and went on to explain swara sancharas of the Raagam. She sang 2 carnatic classical numbers in the same Raagam : Sree Ganesha Sharanam and Shanthi Nilava Vendum Composer : Sethumadhava Rao. Then gave a number of film songs based on the same Raagam Tilang. Eg : 1.Yadunandana Gopala from the movie Meera, 2.Inru poy naalai vaaraay from Sampoorna Ramayanam, 3.Manathil uruthi vendum from Sindhu Bhairavi and a few more.

Moved on to Raagam Saramathi which is known as Bhakthi filled Raagam she said.. Demonstrated the Raagam in brief and sang the famous Thyagaraja Krithi Mokashamu galada set to Adi Thaalam with a short swara prastharam. Gave examples of movie song in the Raagam Saramathi by singing "Paadariyen Padippariyen" a very popular song from the movie Sindhu Bhairavi.. Music directed by Ilaiya Raja and a song on Swamy Ayyapa which was sung in the serial in Vijay TV..

The 3rd Ragam she chose was Kalyani..sang a brief Alapanam and sang a Papanasam Sivan Krithi "Unnai allal vere gathi illai amma" set to Adi Thaalam..elaborated with a short niraval and swara prastharam and also Thani Avarthanam which was very enjoyable.. She then went on to sing a few yester year movie songs like "Mannavan vanthaanadi" (Music: K.V.Mahadevan),"Madhuraiyil" (music: M.S.Viswanathan) and "Sindhanai sei maname" from the movie Ambikapathi. She also sang a few Ilaiya Raja hits in the Ragam Kalyani like "Janani Janani", "Amma endru azhaikkatha" "Vellai puraa" and so on..

Next Raagam was Kapi, after Charulatha sang the Raagam. Violin took over.. the young and promising artist on the violin was B.Ananthakrishnan played the Raagam very beautifully. Charulatha sang yet another very popular keerthanam "Enna thavam seithanai" Vidwan N.Sundar's Tabla was very apt here. After singing one more classical keerthanam "Janaki Ramana" she moved on to movie songs like "Dhyaname enadu manadil" from the movie Haridas, "Poonguyil Koovum" the famous song written by Kalki and popularised by Great M S Subbulakshmi.."Chinnanchiru kiliye" from the movie Manamagal, a Marathi Abhang and a few more hit songs from recent movies too

Finally, she concluded with the Raagam Sindhubhairavi, sang a Viruttatham and "Kanthamaa". A medley of film songs starting with "Kaatrinile varum geetham", A Marathi Abhang "Theertha Vittala Kshetra Vittala" which was sung very well by Charulatha. Accompanying artists on the percussion were S.J.Arjun Kumar on the Mridangam and N.Sundar on both Tabla and Muharsing, Charulatha Mani was well supported by these two and B.Ananthakrishnan on the Violin.

I could see some senior citizens really enjoying the yester year movie songs...


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