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37th year Art festival 2011

Day 3

Welcome Readers.

The 3rd day evening of the fest was significant and heavy with two renowned vocal talents performing on the stage back to back.

The first recital was of Abhishek Raghuram's. Abhishek is a rage these days, with young crowd pouring in to hear him. Today was no exception. Many young enthusiasts could be seen even on the stage close to him around the dais.

Abhishek's was a brisk start with Begada raga varnam - 'Intha chala...'. It set the pace to move on further with 'Ragarathna maalikache' in Reethigowlai (Thyagaraja) set to Roopaka talam, followed by 'Aparathamulan' in Lathangi set to Adi talam.

Then he sang the krithi 'Nannu brovarada' in Janaranjani with a elaborate alapana, rich neraval and swarams. The RTP next, in Dhanyasi stole the show. Set to Thisra triputa, Kanta nadai, Abhishek traversed across the length and breadth of Dhanyasi, well supported by Mysore V Srikanth on the Violin. The enjoyable Tanam was followed by the Pallavi 'Yadhukula Thilaka, oru kanam unai maravene...'. He sang the pallavi in Nattakurunji, Poorvikalyani ragas with liberal swaraprastharams. RTP was a good entertainer. Neyveli Narayanan on the Mridangam and K V Gopalakrishnan on the Kanjira gave good support and played a spell of Tani avarthanam for the RTP .

Abhishek went on to sing 'Meipporul kandu.'. Kaavadicchindu, and closed the concert with 'Idhu thano Thillaisthalam' (Gopalakrishna Bharathi) in Behag.

Abhishek Raghuram's recital left a indelible mark in our minds, when the audience relaxed themselves and got ready to hear yet another maestro.

The next concert was by the stalwart, 'Isai Peroli' T M Krishna. Crowds surged into the auditorium to hear Great T M Krishna.

T M Krishna gave the recital a solemn start, with 'Endraiku Sivakrupai' (Neelakanta Sivan) in Mukhari, went on to sing Dikshithar's Arunachala nadham. The raga elaboration by Krishna for this saranga raga krithi was amazing, with equal versatility displayed by the accompanying violinist T K V Ramanujacharyalu. This is one of the panchalinga krithis. The audience was left spell bound by this Saranga, when the vocalist sung a quick 'Dwaithamu Sukhama, Adhwaithamau Sukhama' of Thyagaraja in Reethigowlai.

The audience lapped up whatever fell out of T M Krishna's mouth when he surprised them next with an awesome Bilahari raga alapana.

The keerthanam that followed this was Neejeevadhara, Thyagarajar krithi, that was the main component of the concert. The tani avarthanam played by the accompanying percussionists, stalwarts - Tamil Isai Vendhar, Guru Karaikudi Mani on the Mridangam and V Suresh on the Ghatam was a audio visual treat to the rasikas.

Audience could not have asked for more, when T M Krishna sang a few short krithis 'Pitham theliya Marundondru...' (Gopalakrishna Bharathi - Yadhukula Kambodhi), 'Sarade karunanidhe' ( Hamir Kalyani) and ended the concert with Jagado Dharana (Hindusthani Kapi).

Great day! It had two Gopalakrishna Bharathi krithis and two Reethigowlais!

Soundararani V

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