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36th year Art festival 2010 - 7th December, 2010

Dignified Presentation

The clock struck 4.30pm and the curtains went up. It was a delight to watch the Bharathanatyam Items-Margam being presented by the teachers and students of Kalakshetra Foundation.

The performance commenced with traditional Alarippu in Tisra – Ekam. This was followed by a Keerthanam in praise of Lord Shiva choreographed by the legendary Smt. Rukmani Devi and composed by Shri. Sitarama Sharma. The elaboration of the line “Madurai mevum soman sundaresan” depicting the different sculpturous Shiva poses was well portrayed with crisp swara pattern embellishing the Keerthanam. The keerthanam in ragam Kamboji set to Thalamalika.

The challenging item was the Varnam in Tamil on Lord Muruga. The adavu patterns were structured so artistically by Shri.P.T. Narandran who also conducted the recital.

The devotee in this Varnam describes the vibrant form of Lord Muruga and also as a lord who killed the Asura as the commander in chief of the Devas. There was so much symmetry and the dancers were very involved. After this major number, this traditional telugu padam “indendu vacheithivira” in Suruti Ragam was performed with so much details.

Kudos to Ms. Leela Samson for her able leadership quality along with her added talent as a great teacher to impart her dance expertise by teaching this padam. This is a great parampara and with so many talented male and female dancers from the reputed institution it shows that the roots of the Banyan tree are getting stronger day by day along with the branches and prop roots spreading all around the world.

The dancers were very professional and the programme concluded with a brisk Thillana in Hindolam ragam set to Kanda Eka Thalam, a masterpiece choreographed by Smt. Rukmani Devi.

The whole presentation was ably assisted by Shri.Hariprasad on Vocal, Shri.Anil Kumar on Mridangam, Shri.Sasidhar and Shri.Ananthanarayanan playing the Flute and Veena respectively.

It was a wonderful, memorable evening.

Kausalya Srinivasan

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