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37th year Art festival 2011

Day 7

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A grand team - Veena player Rajesh Vaidhya with a group of percussionists and a key board artiste occupied the big stage for the 1st concert of the evening, for Kartik Fine Arts fest. The semi classical nature of some of the krithis he played definitely were appealing and the audience enjoyed every krithi. And there were special rasika groups for Rajesh Vaidhya, who follow him where ever he played.

The four percussionists - Karaikudi Mohanaraman on the Mridangam, Tenkasi Paramasivam on the Kanjira, Karaikudi Subramaniam on the Ghatam and Chandrajith on the Tabla playing tani avarthanam, and elsewhere in the course of the concert, was a nice experience for the audience. Nivas Prasanna on the keyboard produced sound effects that were relevant and pleasant to the ears.

The talented Veena artiste started the concert with 'Parathpara' in Vachaspathi. Following this, he played 'Ramabhakthi samrajya' in Suddha Bangala and 'Niravathi Sukatha' in Ravichandrika. He played raga alapana for a Desh krithi of his own composition.

'Theeratha vilayattuppillai' (Ragamalika) and 'Kandanaal mudhalai' in Madhuvanthi were the other krithis he played.

He conclude the concert with a soulful 'Chandrasekara Easa' in Sindhu Bairavi. For some of the krithis, Rajesh seamlessly playing the allied ragas similar to Ragamalika went well with the audience.

Sanjay Subramaniam's was one brilliant concert that was two and a half hours of sheer ecstasy for the ardent Carnatic music lovers.

Once again extra chairs were laid out, and the sabha managers had tough time accommodating the rush of rasikas in the auditorium. Many went back disappointed, for lack of space.

Pepped up by the initial Pantuvarali Ata tala varnam - 'Chalamu se' (said to be very rarely sung), Sanjay went on to sing 'Saketha nagaranatha, a composition of Mysore Sadasiva Rao in Hari Kambhoji, and a lilting Neelambari (Kaanakkannayiram vendum). A heavenly Devamanohari alapana followed, for Thyagaraja's 'Evarikkai, set to Misra chaputalam.

Would you call Sanjay Subramanian's recital 'The Ultimate' in performance! No words can bring here the sustained euphoric mood of the rasikas.

The Kalyani raga alapanai was blissful. The kalpana swarams for the Navavarna krithi 'Kamalamba bhajare' came out like opened flood gates. The vocalist and the accompanying Violinist, Nagai Sriram, were striking the perfect balance. The spell bound audience revealed their enjoyment every time Sanjay ended the swara korvai with some fun. The Violinist was equally adept in response, and the whole scene was an intellectual entertainer. The highly dignified thani avarthanam of Thanjavur Murugaboopathy on the Mridangam and Dr S Karthick on the Ghatam followed, with pleasant exchanges of rhythm.

'Sarasa sama dhana' in Kapinarayani was the interlude for what came after.

Next was Sanjay's RTP in the ragam Boopalam. The scintillating thanam was aptly responded on the Violin by Nagai Sriram. It was all simply classic! 'Ethanai kodi inbam vaithai' - Bharathiyar's composition was the pallavi, sung in Desh ragam. The first line was sung in Husseni and Sallabham ragas too.

This is an example of a concert to note how the enthusiasm catches up with practically everyone, including the team on the stage. Sanjay presented himself so inspiring on the stage.

Dvijavanthi raga Thillana followed this, before Mangalam. A great musician called the concert a genius's music.

Sanjay Subramaniam had made hundreds of rasikas' days! 'Life ku inda concert porum!' was a senior woman's comment.

Soundararani V

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