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36th year Art festival 2010 - 9th December, 2010

Excellent Melody

The 6.30 pm concert this evening witnessed a packed auditorium Sanjay Subramaniam concert took the rasikas to the other world by his mellifluous singing.

There were so much techniques, bhava and above all divinity by listening to this seasoned singer.

The “Sharanagathi Sankari” in Kadanakudukalam Ragam as the opening ragam filled people’s heart with joy or kudukalam. The other excellent presentation was in praise of Lord Muruga, a song in Saveri by Papanasam Sivam and Sanjay’s neraval singing was very soothing.

A Thirukural was sung as a Tamil song and good idea for popularising kural and “Adum Mayilai”, a song in praise of Goddess Karpagambal in Behag by Papanasam Shivam took the listeners directly to the Karpagambal temple in Mylapore.

Brisk Thillana in Dawajavanthi Ragam was very interesting. It was exciting to note that many youngsters were on stage putting Thalam and enjoying the music and I am sure this great art has already passed to the next generation and it will grow more and more with years to come.

The orchestra team was excellent and Sanjay Subramaniam’s music was superb.

Kausalya Srinivasan

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