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37th year Art festival 2011

Day 9

Welcome Readers.

On day 9 of Kartik Fine Arts fest, the sabha hosted a mix of music, and Bharathanatyam dance drama performances, which appealed a range of audience.

For ardent Carnatic music rasikas of Priya sisters, vocalists - Shanmugapriya and Haripriya are inimitable talents. The hall was full for their concert held in the evening's first slot.

Carrying great expectations, the audience looked forward to see the sisters performing live in the evening's pleasant weather. The sisters identically clad in a bright colour, started the concert with SamiDaya, Kedaragowlai varnam followed by a melodious Sri Mahaganapathe in Abhogi ragam, set to Kanta Chapu thalam. The brisk 'Yochana' after Durbar raga alapana was spirited singing. The next was not a much heard krithi of Thyagaraja, ' Sasivadhana bhaktha janavana' in Chandrajyothi ragam. With a short raga singing, the krithi was good to hear.

The main keerthanam of the concert was Thyagaraja's vintage 'Kaddanuvariki' in Thodi. The raga alapana by the sisters was magnificient with an equally majestic support by M A Krishnaswamy on the Violin. The elaborate neraval, and the swarams that gushed out from the sisters were enjoyable all through and the audience had a wholesome Thodi feast (none had touched Thodi so far, for this music season in Kartik Fine Arts yet!).

The thani avarthanam played by the percussion duo - P Sathish Kumar on the Mridangam and B S Purushothaman on the Kanjira was pleasant and entertaining.

Cannot think Priya sisters' concerts are complete without Annamacharya krithis! They rendered 'Vaadivo kamtirata' and later at the fag end, 'Jagadapu' in Hindola Vasantham. These krithis highlighted the effect of the recital.

'Thikku theriyadha kaattil' (ragamalika) and a Goddess Bhavani slokam with elaborate virutham like presentation in Anandabhairavi and Revathi ragams, and later a lilting singing in Gurjari Thodi was soul filling. Priya sisters' concert had enthralled the audience.

'Sampradaya - Rediscovering Traditions' was a Bharatanatyam presentation by Rasika Dance Ensemble of Bengaluru, run by Kiran Subramanyam. The idea of Sampradaya has been conceived and choreographed by Kiran Subramanyam, meant to preserve the traditional values. According to the team of producers, classical dance has to keep evolving though, but within the boundaries of tradition.

Curtains raised with 'Aarambh' - the beginning. It dealt with the verses from Natya Shastra - a compilation of the four vedas. Further, the nine basic emotions were also depicted. It was an interesting presentation by the talented dancers of the team. The entire piece was woven with the basic rhythmic syllables of chathurashtra alarippu.

The second part was Sringara Nayika. The 'varnam Swamiyai varacholladi' was reinterpreted to depict the theme. The nayika tells her sakhi about her longing for her beloved, Lord Subramanya, by means of emotions to introduce the Ashtanayikas. This piece was dramatic, and went well even with the laymen.

The final piece was Thani avarthanam - the traditional percussive interlude in concerts. This was filled with complicated and fast paced rhythms to which the dancers skillfully showcased their talents. The rich colourful costumes and the coordination gave it a truly mega production feeling.

The orchestra team contained - Nattuvangam by Kiran Subramanyam, vocal rendition by D S Srivathsa, Mridangam by Hari, Kanjira by Kartik Datar, Violin by Dr Nataraj Murthy, Flute by Mahesh Swamy, Rhythm pads by Manjunath.

The entire team with back up support staff travelled to Chennai from Bengaluru this morning, and are packing up tonight, hosted well by the care of Kartik Fine Arts managers.

Soundararani V


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