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36th year Art festival 2010 - 10th December, 2010

Welcome Readers

Sri K.J.Yesudas gave a grand concert of 3 hours this evening at Kartik Fine Arts festival at Narada Gana Sabha Auditorium.

The concert was commenced with the famous Varnam "Eranapai" in the Ragam Todi set to Adi Talam.. Continued with a beautiful Keertanam "Varasiddhi Vinayaka" in the Ragam Bhramarahamsi which is set to Adi Talam.

"Pavana guru" a Keertanam was sung in the Ragam Hamsanandi and Rupaka Talam a composition of Lalitha Dasar.

He sang three compositions of Saint Thyagaraja like "Bala kanaka maya" in Ragam Atana, Adi Talam, "Bagayanayya" in Ragam Chandrajyothi" and "Marubalka" in Ragam Sriranjani all set to Adi Talam.. Each Krithi was rendered in an attractive manner..

He later proceeded with the Ragam Hindolam with a little bit of elaboration on the Ragam then sang a famous composition of Mysore Vasudevacharya "Mamavathu Sri Saraswathi" set to Adi Talam..

The main Ragam of the evening was Kalyani, he rendered "Ethavunara" set to Adi Talam yet another composition of Saint Thyagaraja.which was beautifully presented. Both the percussionists showed their capability well during the Thani Avarthanam.

Rendering of "Pibare Ramarasam" in the Ragam Yamunakalyani and Adi Talam a composition of Sadashiva Brahmendrar was wonderful.

After singing a couple songs in beautiful Ragams like "Desh" and "Reavathi" he sang his famous Swamy Ayyappa song "Harivarasanam" and concluded with a Slokam on Lord Krishna of Guruvayur.

He had an excellent team of accompanying artistes like Vidwan Sri Nagai Muralidharan on the Violin, Vidwan K.V.Prasad on the Mridangam and Vidawan Sri Thirupanithura Radhakrishnan on the Ghatam.


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