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37th year Art festival 2011

Day 10

Welcome Readers.

Day 10 at Kartik Fine Arts fest, had events showcasing two genres of music - traditional Carnatic music and Hindustani.

Malladi Brothers - Sriram Prasad and Ravikumar decorated the stage for the first concert of the evening. These vocalists are much sought after artistes for the traditional music lovers. The hall was again full, and still with silence.

The dais, with the main and accompanying artistes itself looked traditional and divine - thanks to the calibre of the artistes present!

The accompanists were Embar Kannan on the Violin, the legendary Umayalpuram Sivaraman on the Mridangam, B S Purushothaman on the Ganjira. What a team!

The brothers started the concert with' Vinayaka ninnu' in Hamsadhwani. Would you have expected anything better than 'Chandram bhaja manasa', the time the 'Chandra Grahanam' (Lunar eclipse) was about to set in! This Navagraha krithi of Dikshithar in Asaveri ragam was a perfect choice. For those who believed that the eclipse produces ill effects, hearing this krithi amounted to worshipping Lord Chandran. And, the bad effects had vanished! Overheard a rasika say that.

'Naarasimha mampahi' in Palamanjari ragam that was sung next, is a rare krithi of Thyagaraja. Then came the grand Hamir Kalyani raga essay. The krithi was 'Maanamuledha abhimanamuledha' of Thyagaraja. The raga, swaramas and neraval shone with all the richness and beauty from the vocalists, as well as the great Violinist, Embar Kannan.

What followed was 'Lalithe Mampahi' of Cheyyur Chengalvaraya Sastri in Yadhukula Kambodhi set to Roopaka talam, and a quick 'Makelara' in Ravichandrika.

The main krithi was Shyama Sastri's 'Meenalochana Brova' in Dhanyasi. A masterly raga alapana, and later, neraval and the enticing swarams at 'ganavinodhini....' gripped the audience. The thani avarthanam by the Mridangam maestro and the Ganjira specialist was a treat that had soothing and entertaining rhythm patterns.

Thereafter, 'Kannanaippani maname', 'Yehi Mudham Dehi' (Tharangam of Narayana Theertha) in Anandha Bhairavi, and finally, 'Kelathi' in Sindhu Bhairavi of Sadasiva Brahmendrar marked the end of the awesome concert.

Next a Hindustani vocal concert was rendered by Mumbai based Vidwan Sanjeev Abhayankar. Vidwans Vishwanath Nakod was on the Tabla and Vyas Murthy Katti was on the Harmonium as accompanists for the concert. Vidwan Sanjeev Abhayankar and the team flew down to perform exclusively in Kartik Fine Art's art festival this year.

For this concert, the audience visibly contained a larger variety. Many of them were Hindi speaking North Indians, who were excited about the Hindustani concert. General muisic lovers, who loved all types of music, and rasikas who wanted to taste Hindustani live from a great exponent, were part of the listeners.

Abhayankar, the Mewati Gharana styled musician presented - Raag Marwa, Raag Kalavathy (said to be the swagatham raaga that resembled the Carnatic Valaji ragam). After these there was the Bhinna Shadja - Kaushik Dhwani, that had five notes (SGMDN). The musician explained how each note in it stands out, and is as prominent and as the others. He displayed the patterns in his rendition.

When he was in the final leg of the concert, listeners; choices started pouring in. The vocalist, did not disappoint them. He presented two more devotional songs (one was Sant Kabir's composition - 'Legan binu', and one more - 'Bajore manu Ramanamu sukh dayi...') before concluding the concert with a Maratti Abhang of Sant Namdev - 'Nama Ghao' in Sindhu Bhairavi.

The concert was absorbing and entertained even those who had no knowledge of Hindustani.

Soundararani V

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