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36th year Art festival 2010 - 11th December, 2010

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Veena Vidwan Sri Rajesh Vaidya and party gave an excitement filled concert Vadyalahari at Narada Gana Sabha Auditorium this evening for Kartik Fine Arts 36th year Music Festival.

Concert was commenced with a well known composition of Papanasam Sivan "Parathpara Parameshwara" in the Ragam Vachaspathi, Adi Talam.

He then played a composition of Saint Thyagaraja "Niravadhi sukhada" in the Ragam Ravichandrika set to Adi Talam and "Pavana guru" in the Ragam Hamsanandi set to Rupaka Talam. Composer : Lalitha Dasar.

"Dissolve" a composition of Rajesh Vaidya himself in the Ragam Valaji set to Misra Chapu Talam was delightful.

Pattanam Subramania Iyer's popular composition "Raghuvamsha sudha" in the Ragam Kadanakuthuhalam set to Adi Talam was played in a little different manner by Sri Rajesh Vaidya which fetched him a big applause.

Yet another Composition of his own in the Ragam Kapi which was named "Espresso" set to Adi Talam was impressive, it was followed by Thani Avarthanam.

He chose to play the popular numbers like" Teerada vilaiyattu pillai", "Kanda naal mudalaai kaadal", "Katrinilae varum geetam" and "Chinnanchiru kiliye" which was well received by the Rasikas.

He played his Guru Late Sri Chitti Babu"s well known composition "Wedding Bells" and concluded the concert with "Chandrasekhara" in the Ragam Sindhu bhairavi set to Adi Talam.

Sri Rajesh Vaidya played the traditional Veenai in a contemporary manner..he tried new techniques and does a lot of experiment with the instrument..

His able accompanying artistes were Vidwan Sri Mohan Ram on the Mridangam, Vidwan Sri N.Subramanian on the Ghatam and Vidwan Sri Arun Kumar from Bangalore on the Muharsing.


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