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36th year Art festival 2010 - 11th December, 2010


"BHARATHIKU ANJALI" - by Dr.Padma Subramaniam.

A fitting tribute to one of our country's greatest Tamil poet, Subramania Bharathi whose 128th birthday falls today.

The classical Arts have the greatest advantage based on tradition but at the same time innovations and experiments are always possible with research being constantly done.

Dr.Padma Subramaniam commenced her recital with Pushpanjali which was follwed by Oozhi Koothu.The gentler qualities of a mother was described so aptly and the contrast of her kinetic energy as Shakthi was done with grace.

Bharathiyar's famous Kuyil Pattu,Kannan Yen Sevagan and Velli Pani malayil - all the famous songs were chosen.Even after 100 years the songs are relevant and with Dr.Padma Subramaniam's knowledge,the songs written then holds good even today with the suberb rasanubhava. Its amazing that Bharatiyar poetic skills matched the genius of Dr.Padma Subramniam's mastery over the subject and the idea of brining in religion with social issues is something the younger generation will truly benefit watching.

The lively orchestral music was very interesting and also the recorded music for one item took the audience back into the memory lane and the rasikas were able to visualize the whole production like a historical dance drama.

Even a stillness in Dr.Padma Subramaniam's movement conveys so much meaning, feelings and the nuances in her dance is like watching a rainbow with different hues. The finer details like doing the daily chores, clipping the clothes in the song Kannnan Yen Sevagan was a visual treat.

What the great poet envisioned was brought out in Dr. Padma Subramanianís dancing skills.

Kartik Fine Arts with their willingness to bring in such themes for rasikas to enjoy is in itself a research.

A pleasant evening which will always be a happy performance to rejoice and remember.

Kausalya Srinivasan

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