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37th year Art festival 2011

Day 11

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Day 11 was important in Kartik Fine Arts fest. The famed Carnatic music vocalist scheduled to perform in the evening attracted a huge crowd of rasikas to the Narada Gana Sabha main hall.

The ambience in the hall was pleasant and all set for the concert of the stalwart.

Isai Peroli, Sudha Ragunathan dressed in cool golden yellow presented herself on the stage with the renowned accompanists - Embar Kannan on the Violin, Mannargudi Easwaran on the Mridangam and Raman on Morsing. At this point, Kartik Fine Arts took pride in announcing that the sabha's 'Tamil Isai Vendar' award for the year was to be conferred on Sudha Raghunathan, later in an occasion.

Sudha sang a vibrant Vanajaksha varanam in 'Mandhari', followed by 'Charanu Janaka Kanaka Roopane', a Purandaradasa composition in Bilahari, and 'Dinamani Vamsa' in Hari Kambodhi. Crisp swaraprastharam came tagging along.

All these krithis gave the concert a solemn start, with expectation building up in rasikas minds. Indeed, most of them had marked this day in their diaries, as soon as the sabha schedules were out.

Next, the Saveri raga alapana and the Periyasamy Thooran's well known krithi 'Muruga Muruga Endraal...' (set to Misra Chapu talam) elevated the spirits of the concert. The swarams on the upper octaves were absolutely delightful. After a break with a quick Thyagaraja's Atana raga krithi, `Ilalopranatharthi' in praise of Lord Panchanadeeswarar, Sudha took up Hemavathi raga alapana. 'Sri Kanthimathim' was the main krithi of the concert.

Sudha had sensed a kind of uncertainty in the rasikas' minds during her alapana, and announced the krithi and ragam, when she set out to sing. The thani avarthanam had soft and deft touches on the Mridangam by Mannargudi Easwaran with apt answers by Raman on the Morsing.

The tail end pieces were Bharathiar's 'Ethanai Kodi Inbam Vaithai', Purandaradasa's 'Innudaya Bharathe' in Kalyana Vasantham and 'Mannu Pugazh Kosalai' in Ragamalika. Sudha ended her great recital with a mangalam.

Soundararani V

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