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37th year Art festival 2011

Day 12

Welcome Readers.

Day 12 at Kartik Fine Arts fest was a pleasant evening. The first concert featured the senior vidwan, 'Tamil Isai Vendhar', O S Thiagarajan (Vocal) and the senior vidwan, Mullaivasal Chandramouli was on Violin support. The concert was soothing and absolutely blissful. They gelled well throughout the concert and the resultant music was nothing but, ecstasy.

A solemn start with Pantuvarali raga krithi 'Sarasakshapari Palayamam', OST went on with a rare krithi - 'Sridhara pahidayakara' of Mysore Vasudevachariar in Jayanthasri (resembled Marukelara). A brief sketch of Salaka Bhairavi, followed by yet another rare krithi 'Sama gana Lola' of Veenai Kuppier was sung next.

Vijayambike in Vijayanagari came along as a crisp rendition. And then the krithi, 'Endraiku Sivakrupai' in Mukhari ragam was wonderfully melodious.

Now, It was time for the main piece. Rasikas were full of expectations as to 'what next'. Then came a heavenly 'O Rangasayee'. It was a vintage Kambodhi; the raga alapana by O S T and support by Chandramouli was rapturous and relaxed. Neraval and kalpanaswarams made our hearts sway and soak in the Kambodhi, at 'Booloka Vaikuntam idhu...'. It was really a vaikuntam experience. The crisp thani avarthanam by S Balashankar on the Mridangam and Kannan on the Morsing carried the same mood down the concert.

The rasikas came back to the reality, when the following quick renditions - 'Laliyugave', Thiagaraja's Uthsava Sampradaya krithi in Neelambari, and 'Naadupai Balike' in Madhyamavathi marked the end of the concert.

The carefully selected mix of krithis gave the two hour recital a highly satisfying experience. Hearing seniors' music always has its own charm.

It was interesting to note that Mullaivasal Chandramouli uses a unique holder in front of him to support the farther end of his Violin. He says, he has been using it for sometime now, and the arrangement is easy on his back and shoulders while playing, without having to bend too much. A resourceful idea!

Ghatam exponent Dr S Karthick's 'Heart Beat Ensemble' presented a entertaining presentation next. The orchestra comprised - Embar Kannan on the Violin, Sathyanarayanan on the Keyboard, Karthick on the Ghatam, Poongulam subramaniam on the Mridangam, C S Venkatraman on the Kanjira and Raman on the Morsing.

The group started off with a 'Mallari' in Gambira Nattai set to Sankeerna Jampa talam. The rendition was appealing. Next was a Rathipathipriya raga presentation. Karthik sang the sahithyam, 'Mangala tharini matha', after a brief raga essay by Kannan and Sathyanarayanan. The violinist used a kind of electronic instrument and the voltage fluctuations in electricity supply created minor hiccups in the amplification systems. However, soon the team overcame the trouble and gave a brilliant performance.

A RTP in ragam Vahulabharanam followed. 'Sadasivapriye kriye' was the pallavi in praise of Ambal, and was sung by Karthik. The talam was a rare Misra Triputa with 11 - 2 kalai beats. Thani avarthanam with four percussion instruments was spectacular.

Young Sathyanarayana gave wonderful sound effects on the keyboard and also played the ragas admirably well.

The finale was a short medley of Western classical and Indian classical rhythms that included Shakthi Sakitha Ganapathim, Raravenu Gopala, followed by Vande Matram, Jauyathi Jayathi Bharatha Matha, as a tribute to Mother India, and Jaya he.

Soundararani V

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