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37th year Art festival 2011

Day 14

Welcome Readers.

This evening was one of a variety entertainment.

O S Arun, the well known vocalist gave a recital that filled the air with melody.

The singer whose bhajans are a hit among the rasikas, chose to stick to the Carnatic classical krithis in the traditional kutcheri format.

He started with 'Ullam Irangi Vandu Arulpurivaye' in Hamsadhwani, and sang delightful fast paced swarams. Papanasam Sivan's krithi, 'Karpaga Manohara' in ragam Malaya Marutham was a beautiful krithi he sang next, with a brief raga alapana. He then took up Thiagaraja's 'Ninne Nera Namminaanura' in Pantuvarali ragam with alapanaa, and neraval, swarams at 'Veda Shastra......'.

Arun followed it up with Nata Bhairavi raga alapana that led to the Sivan Krithi, 'Sree Valli Devasenapathe'. The lyrics filled with bhakthi was enhanced by the way Arun handled the krithi. It was the main item of the concert. Srimushnam Raja Rao on the Mridangam and E M Subramaniam on the Ghatam played a brisk thani avarthanam. M R Gopinath on Violin rendered a coordinated support to Arun.

Then, his ardent rasikas who were passionate about listening to Arun style of bhajans and abhangs, sent out their requests as ever. 'Ananda Natanam adum' was a short Tamil piece. Oothukadu's 'Swagatham Krishna' in Mohanam came flowing in his style.

He next sang 'Thikkugal Ettum Sidhari' with in built jathis, of Bharathiyar. The rhythmic melody brought live the poet's sense of spirit. With the abhang, Bhaktha Jana Vatsale in ragam Brindavana Saranga, he wound up the concert. Bhakthi wafted in the air, and the concert would be etched in the rasikas' hearts for a long time.

Dr Padma Subrahmanyam's Bharatha Nrithyam was the next on stage. It was a lively and colourful programme by herself and her students, who performed for a variety of compositions.

Dr Padma presented herself for the Ganesa Kauthuvam, Siddhi Vinayakam in Mohana Kalyani. The next on the list was 'Gopa Kumara' in Atana of Oothukkadu Venkatakavi. Her students - Mahathi, Ramya and Srinidhi danced for this piece. Padma again appeared on the stage for the next item, a varnam in Hindolam. This was a long presentation, that spanned for half an hour. A Thevaram of Appar - 'Madhar Pirai' came next, featuring the dancers - Neeraja, Mahathi, Srinidhi and Ramya.

Padma danced to a ragamalika composition of her mother, Meenakshi Subramanyam. This the group dedicated to the composer, being her birth centenary year. Then, a thillana in Kalgada ragam composed by Padma herself, featured all the dancers who came on stage so far. Anugraha, Niveditha added to the group. Padma too joined them during the final part.

'Brahmam Okate' by Padma concluded the dance recital of the Nrithyodaya school.

Choreographed by Dr Padma, vocal support was by Dr Gayathri Kannan and Radhika Muthukrishnan, Nattuvangam wasc by Dr Gayathri Kannan, veena was played by Kannan. Seeing the legendary dancer perform on the stage is an exhilarating experience.

Soundararani V


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