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37th year Art festival 2011

Day 15

Welcome Readers.

Kartik Fine Arts' 37th Year Art festival moved to a different venue today. this is the famed Bharathia Vidhya Bhavan, close to Sri Kapali Temple at the heart of the old Mylapore area. The new venue gave a break from the routine, and was enlivening.

Through the day, the KFA's concerts had been taking place in the mini hall on the floors above. Gayathri Girish, the fast upcoming vocal musician gave the first concert of the evening here at the main hall.

To start the concert, Gayathri rendered 'Sami Ninne Nammina' varnam in Pantuvarali, composed by Shatkala Narasayya. 'Vallabha Nayaka', the short Dikshithar Krithi in Begada ragam brought in all the sweetness. The lovely 'Ganamoorthe' in Ganamoorthi ragam was sung next. Gayathri sang the alapana of this delicate ragam with poise. The krithi ended with vibrant kalpanaswarams at Ganamoorthe.

'Mannupugazh Kosalai' in Neelambari ragam was captivating.

Then came the Kambodhi raga alapana with grandeur. It was the main item, and Dikshithar's 'Sree Subramanyaya Namasthe' was the chosen krithi. There was space for innovation and spontaneity. She sang the pallavi in three speeds. Neraval and swarams, for a difference was at 'Manasija koti koti lavanyaye, Sree Subramanyaya Namasthe'. Filled with absorbing and interesting feature, it was intelligent singing too! Voilinist Mysore Srikanth gave a wonderful support all through.

The thani avarthanam that followed this Roopaka tala krithi, of Poongulam Subramaniam on the Mridangam and Anirudh Athreya on the Ghatam was filled with colourful fire works.

Gayathri Girish gave a wholesome and enjoyable concert to the fortunate rasikas. A perfect 'Theeradha vilayattuppillai' in ragamalika, and a Hindi Bhajan - 'Nenanume Nandalala' in Raga Vardhini (virutham in Naadanamakriya and Kapi) brought the concert to an end.

After all, nice things have an end too!

The next concert was a Veena recital by Geetha Krishnamoorthy. Evening melody on the strings of Veena was enchanting.

Geetha commenced the concert with 'Ninne Bhajana' in Nattai ragam. Not heard often, it was a perfect choice. This krithi was vibrant and enjoyable on the Veena.

'Seethamma mayamma' in Vasantha, 'Nannu Brova' in Abhogi followed as crisp renditions. 'Nannu Brova' with a Abhogi raga alapana was relaxing.

'Shyama Sundara', of Thiagaraja in Dhanyasi set to Rupaka talam set the stage for the following main item of the concert.

Geetha played a elaborate Kalyani raga alapana next. The air was filled with the Kalyani's aroma in the auditorium. There came a bigger suspense then. The thanam exercise highlighted by the beauty of the Veena's sounds, was sweet and an impressive presentation. It proved the artiste's prowess, and the versatility of her Veena playing abilities.

'Nidhi Chala Sukhama' of Thiagaraja in Misra Chapu was the chosen krithi and was rendered in a pace pleasant to the ears.

The thani avarthanam by the percussion accompanists - Melakkaveri Balaji on the Mridangam, H Sivarama Krishnan on the Ghatam, Papanasam Sethuraman on the Kanjira was an awesome feast to the eyes and ears.

'Endraiku Sivakrupai' in Mukhari, was the next piece in the concert.

The tail end krithis she played were all the evergreen hits loved generally by the rasikas. 'Muralidhra Gopala' in Mandu, 'Jagado Dharana' in Kapi, with a brief raga sketch and 'Marubhari' in Khamas.

She wound up the concert with tha Mangalam - Pavamana.

A rasika's comment in the auditorium was, ' A fulfilling experience'!

Soundararani V

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