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36th year Art festival 2010 - 17th December, 2010


Today’s program by Urmila Sathyanarayana was dedicated to her guru Padmasri K N Dandayudhapani Pillai. Urmila began her recital with a Anjali and an Alaripu showing the sixteen Upacharas.

The next number was the varnam again by Shri Dandayudhapani Pillai in Kamboji ragam, Adi Thalam. A nice tamil padavarnam Varuvaano Vagai Solladi in praise of Lord Krishna was apt as today is the significant day of Vaikunta Yekadasi. The jathis were neat and bhava was well presented.

The second half was a padam in Shanmugapriya ragam, a very beautiful song Yaaradi Indha vasalil. This song portrayed a courtesan and Urmila did her abhinaya exceptionally well. The sancharis were dignified and the song was also wonderful to the ears with simple lyrics and melody.

A Dasavatharam again by her late guru was very well presented. She concluded the program with a Tilana in Kanada. A very elegant dancer and excellent professional orchestral support the whole dance margam was commendable. Kartik Fine Arts at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan had given an enjoyable evening of dance to the rasikas.

Kausalya Srinivasan

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