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36th year Art festival 2010 - 18th December, 2010


Nadanamamani Ananda Shankar Jayant presented a solo dance production “Thaala Patra” based on the works of the great composer Annamachariya. The presentation, a magical voyage and a humble offering at the feet of Lord Venkateswara as said by Ananda was full of life and bhakti.

The beginning Anjali itself one could see that Ananda knew the allure of dance. The Gopura darishanam of the Lord of Seven Hills, Tirupathi was portrayed well. The nine Narasimhas at the different shrines was powerfully danced.

The Shri Rama episode as a narrative and the Krishna episode showing the pranks and leelas of baby Krishna was excellent.

The jathi in the Rama episode done with shikaram mudra and the swaras during the Shoorpanaka episode was very creative. In Alarulu Kuriya, the Shrinkara aspect was brought outside.

The stage was so aesthetically done and the Brahmotsavam scene was simply superb. The extraordinary singing and the crisp nattuvangam along with other orchestra added more vibrancy.

Ananda has put her heart and soul towards this production and a great offering to Lord Shrinivasa.

May her journey spread all over. Kartik Fine Arts took the audience on a trip to Tirupathi.

Kausalya Srinivasan

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