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36th year Art festival 2010 - 18th December, 2010


Namacchi Vaaya Vazhga A thematic dance production by professor Chitra Visweswaran along with her disciples from the Chidambaram Academy of performing Arts premiered this dance ballet on this auspicious day of Pradosham. The production brought out the very spiritual Thevaram of Nayanmars.

The hymn of Thirugyanasambandar known as Thevaram was chosen and the description of the Lord of Annamalai Arunachaleswara along with his young consort Unnamalai was well depicted. In the second verse the love play of the peacocks and the peahens in the beautiful bamboo groves was suggested so beautifully by Professor by Chitra Visweswaran.

The Sundaramoorthy Nayanar episode was touching. The last piece was Thirunavukarasar as he sees himself in the samsara sagaram and to give up bonds to enjoy Shiva who is within. With many years dancing experience and scholarly approach Chitra Visweswaran along with her students was able to bring out so much of spiritual divine beauty in her dance production. The dancers along with Chitra Visweswaran were Sukanya Ravindran, Uma Namboodri, Jaiquehani, Sindumathi, Karthik, Gayathri and Minu performed with ease.

The excellent orchestral team work added as an asset to the production. Karthik Fine Arts gave the audience to have a darshan of Shiva on this Pradosham day.

Kausalya Srinivasan

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