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36th year Art festival 2010 - 19th December, 2010

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Tamil Isai Vendar Guru Karaikudi Mani gave an interesting and lively Thani Avarthanam concert along with Bangalore Sri Amrith on the Khanjira and Sri R.Ramesh on Konnakol and Talam.

They have chosen Chathurasra Nadai (4 aksharas), Thisra Nadai (3 aksharas) and Sankeerna Nadai (9 aksharas).

Started the concert with Chathurasra Nadai demonstration, they showed how the different patterns are used in a concert..

Same way, they demonstrated both Thisram and Sankeernam together and showed how they conclude with all the 5 Nadais - Sankeernam, Misram, Khanda, Chaturasram and finally Thisram in a descending order (Kuraippu). He also explained the significance of these numbers, like 4 Yugas, 4 Vedas, 3 Speeds (Vilambith, Madhyama, Dhuritha), Trinity, 9 Forms of Bhakthi, 9 Gems etc.

The concert was mainly for the Rasikas to enable them to understand the "Laya Vinyasa" {Rhythmic Patterns} during the Thani Avarthanam in a concert.

Vanishree Ravishankar

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