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36th year Art festival 2010 - 20th December, 2010


Narthaki Natraj presented a dance sequence of song based on the works of Shri Oothukadu Venkata Subbiah. The dance performance started with a shollu kattu followed by the famous song Brindavana Nilaye.

In the line shringara describing Radha’s love for Krishna, Narthaki did a fantastic job with Krishna offering flute to Radha, removing thorns from her feet and there was so much intimacy and flow in the whole piece.

Instead of the usual Varnam she took the famous Asaindadum Mayil as the centre piece, a musical treat and excellent lyrics by the great poet was well sung by the singer and Nartaki’s usage of Jathis at the right point was a visual treat.

Asai podum aavinangal the line in which Nartaki interpreted the cow listening to the soothing flute tunes of Krishna lended their ears and then there was an absolute pause in the whole dance and music scene because of the mesmerizing flute of Lord Krishna.

Only a dancer with Nartaki’s expertise and clarity in thoughts could have shown such a powerful bhava even for the silence. In the pain piece which she had taken and for the line Yedhir Nindra Radhai paada, it was such a creative ability of Nartaki that she presented a jathi for the Radha Krishna sequence.

She then proceeded to the next item showing the pranks of Krishna and the universe to Yashoda and ended her concert with a wonderful piece by Oothukadu Kavi, Govinda Govinda Radha where she used gestures to depict the different forms of Thalam and finally the songs culminating into a beautiful unison that Brindavan is nowhere but within each one of us. Sing the glory of Govinda, Praise Hail the Lord Krishna – The whole program was Maduram or sweetness because the evening was about Madhuradhipathey or Krishna, what else one can expect but, sweet, sweet, sweet…

Excellent orchestral support added colours to the production and Karthik Fine Arts has given the audience and very special sweet.

Kausalya Srinivasan

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