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37th year Art festival 2011

Day 20

Welcome Readers.

A Bharathanatyam programme by Vidhya Subramanian was a fresh start for this late evening. Looking great in a bright green costume, Vidhya's performance was captivating.

The main piece was a Lalgudi Jayaraman's varnam in Charukesi. The line, ' Kuzhaloodum azhaga Kanna' transformed to total sweetness by her abhinayam skills. This varnam was after a rendering for Ardhanareeswaram, the initial piece.

For a Nandara Charithram - 'Vazhi Maraindirukku' of Gopalakrishna Bharathi, Vidhya brought out the real mood of Nandanar's despair and prayers. She touched the rasikas hearts by the slow paced, impressive and aesthetic movements.

'Indhendhu vachithimeera' in Suratti, and a thillana in Soorya ragam were the next pieces in line.

'Maithrim Bhajatha' ended the recital in a solemn mood. Vidhya's performance gave a enjoyable experience for the rasikas.

Nadanamamani Shobana, who rose to popularity by her venture in films, presented a scintillating dance recital along with her disciple, Srividhya Ramachandran.

At the end of this enchanting show, the audience clapped away in rhythm with boundless joy and energy. What more is the purpose of the art forms!

Aesthetics and exuberance filled the hall. More and more audience rushed in, to catch a glimpse of the charismatic dancer.

Shobana and Srividhya kept the spirits high. They treated the audience to a variety mix of items. A brisk mallari in Gambeera Naattai, set the pace for what followed.

Next was a dance that featured Goddess Kali, termed 'the dance of destruction'. The duo brought the rasikas to the edge of their chairs by their brisk and dramatic movements. For a varnam composition of Rajesh Vaidhya in Ragamailika that sings on Black Goddess of Dakshineswar Temple, they depicted the various colours of the Goddess - in fiery and benevolent forms. 'Sambasivan sari paadhi' was the song. Dressed in vibrant colours, (Shobana in black robes and Srividhya in red), the combination was awesome in the dance, and had bubbling energy.

Seeing the beautiful Shobana, one could never take the eyes off the stage. The padam 'Vatika Gopaluni' in Mohanam ragam and mishra chapu thalam was filled with the subtle interplay of mood and feelings. Another padam of Swathi Thirunaal followed. Both the dancers changed their attires in tune with the situation for the padams.

The music and the accompanying team put up a equally good show that maintained the tempo of the recital throughout.

To top it all was the folk song, 'Senthil nagaram' in praise of Lord Muruga'. A conversation kind of presentation with rhythmic steps was absolutely entertaining, and brimmed with sweetness. The piece ended the programme on a cheerful note.

Soundararani V


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