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36th year Art festival 2010 - 22nd December, 2010

Good Presentation

Bhargavi Gopalan, disciple of Smt.K.J.Sarasa started her recital with Nataraja Pathu Manada Mayuada.

She then went on to the famous Manavi Varnam in Telugu where she described the beauty of Lord Brihadeeswara well in the Sancharys. Bhargavi's abinaya was very suggestive and movements were precise.

She went on to the Astapati dance choreographed by Priyadharshini Govind. Bhargavi brought out the feeling of Radha longing to met Krishna.

She concluded with a Thillana in Kadanakudukalam by Shri. Balamuralikrishna which was followed by a beautiful Prabandham describing the beauty of Lord Krishna.

Murali Parthasarathy Vocal,Nattuvangam by Vishwanathan and Suki Mridangam provided accompaniments for the evening recital.

Kausalya Srinivasan

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