Kartik Fine Arts


37th year Art festival 2011

Day 22

Welcome Readers.

Day 22 of Kartik Fine Arts' fest featured two competent Bharathanatyam artistes in the evening slots. The hall was almost full, and a major portion of the rasikas stayed put in their seats for the double billed event.

Nadanamamani Lavanya Ananth gave a dance recital commencing with Nrithyanjali in ragamalika - the verses were in praise of Lord Nataraja.

The main item was a varnam, Swamiyai Azhaithodivaa' composed by K N Dhandayuthapani Pillai, again sung on Lord Nataraja. An absorbing presentation with fast paced intermittent jathis.

Next, a javali of Patnam Subramaniya Iyer 'Appudu Manasu' was an impressive performance in a relaxed atmosphere. A high powered dance for Ardhanareeswaram, of Adhi Shankara Bhagavadhpada, followed.

It is a melodious song, and the dancers performance enhanced the appeal of the piece. Dressed in rich bright costumes, Lavanya Ananth looked great and gave a wonderful performance.

After a short gap, Nadanamamani Priyadarshini Govind took to the stage.

In a green - red combo coloured attire that looked traditional and aesthetic, the dancer looked strikingly beautiful.

The list of the compositions she danced for are, Mallari in Gambeera Naattai, with the 'Thodudaya seviyan' verse, Navaragamalika varnam of the Thanjavur quartet, 'Sami ninne Nammina', a padam in ragam Saurashtaram, Oothukkadu Venkatakavi's 'Sendru vaa nee Radhe', a thillana in purvi ragam composed by Thirugokarnam Vaidhyanadha Bhagavathar, and the dancer ended the programme with Pibare Ramarasam.

Not a single person left the hall halfway. The full hall of audience sat through, stuck with awe. Priyadarshini's performance had interesting expressions, especially the padam, and it was a nice evening spent.

Priyadarshini presented herself and the music team before the audience the curtains came down for the day.

Soundararani V

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