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36th year Art festival 2010 - 23rd December, 2010

Beautiful Performance

Lavanya Ananth commenced her performance in Ragamalika, an invocatory item.

She then proceeded straight to the major number in Karagarapriya Ragam Adi Thalam composed by Shri. K.N.Dandayudapani Pillai "Mohamahikam indha vellaiyil". The story of Markandeya as a Sanchary and decribing the beatuty of Shiva were aesthitically done. The mythology demonstrating the bhakthi of two sages Vyagrapadha and Pathanjali was brought out neatly. The jathis were neat and Lavanya Ananth did the swarams and jathis with good flow of movements.

She moved on to the Javeli in Saindavi Ragam Adi Thalam "Idhu Sagasamulu" by King Composer Swathitirunal where the young heroine tells her Lord not to behave in a immature manner. She then moved on to the AdiSankara's Ardhanari Astakam ij Ragamalika . The concept of Shiva and Sakthi was brought out well. The Thandava and Lasya aspects were wonderfully portrayed.

Murali Parthasarathy Singing, Suki Mridangam and Sreelatha's Nattuvangam gave a completion to the programme.

Kausalya Srinivasan

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