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36th year Art festival 2010 - 24th December, 2010

A Different Presentation

Kalaimamani Priya Jayaraman commenced her Kuchipudi recital with a Keerthanam on Lord Siva "Bho Shambho" in the Ragam Viswambhari and Adi Talam, a composition of Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna..

Instead of a regular Pada Varnam she presented a Varnam named as Sapthswara Varnam in the Ragam Nattai set to Adi Talam, Composer :Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna. This Varnam described the SAPTHASWARA "The Seven Notes of Music" with a description of each swaram with its deity, bird or animal.In the Charanam, she introduced a Jugalbandhi of Konnakol and Dance before she started with the Charana swaras, which was very enjoyable with the Konnakol recitation of Sri Vijayaraghavan, the Mridangist of the evening.

Priya next presented a Keerthanam in Ragamalika set to Rupakam another composition of Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna dedicated to Lord Balaji of Tirupathi

Priya concluded the recital with a well known Tillana, yet another compositon of Dr.Balamuralikrishna in the Ragam Kunthalavarali and Adi Talam.

Good team of musicians..Kalaimamani Dr.Saraswathi on the Nattuvangam, Kalaimamani Grija Ramaswamy on Vocal, Mridangam by Sri Vijayaraghavan, Violin by Sri Sivaraman and Sri Sai Narasimhan on the Flute.


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