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36th year Art festival 2010 - 24th December, 2010

Catchy Performance

Nadana Mamani Rama Vaidyanathan started her Bharathanatyam recital with a Devi Sthuthi "Namasthe Rudra Rupini" with a couple of Slokas taken from "Kunchika Stotram", the music is set by Sri G.S.Rajan in Ragamalika set to Adi Talam

As any other Bharathanatyam recital the main item was a Pada Varnam in the Ragam Khamas set to Adi Talam by Tanjore Quartet, "Sami Rammanave" which says about the Nayika who is in Love with Lord Brihadeeswara of Thanjavur who asks her friend to go and fetch her Hero. The choreography and the presentation both were marvellous.

Rama presented a Javali "Dani bodana"in the Ragam Suruti set Adi Talam, composition of Tanjore Quartet, where the Nayika asks the Lord why he is ignoring her, when she has come to him with so much of expectation.

"Laments of birds" as Rama calls it a Padam "Ennuyir Sevalum"where the Heroine talks to her pet bird about her love for Lord.. This is a Ragamalika set to Adi Talam, Music composed by G.S.Rajan.

Rama concluded the recital with "Sivoham" verses taken from Skanda Puranam, It is a Nritta piece, Sollukattus set by Sri K Siva Kumar and Music composed by Sri G S Rajan in the Ragam Charukesi set to Adi Talam.

Rama Vaidyanathan's presentation was very catchy.

A brilliant team of musicians led by Sri K Sivakumar on Nattuvangam was excellent , Smt.Vidya Srinivasan on Vocal who attracted the audience with her powerful rendition, Apt support on the Mridangam was Sri Arun Kumar and Sri G.S.Rajan on Flute who took the audience on a very divine musical journey with his beautiful compositions.


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