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37th year Art festival 2011

Day 24

Welcome Readers.

Day 24 of Kartik Fine Arts fest, marked the second day of the grand dance seminar, Natya Darshan, featuring 'Mad and Divine'.

The day's schedule started with an equal vigour as that of the first day. The audience by now had transformed to regular participants of the seminar, enthused by the previous day's happenings.

After an introduction by Anita Ratnam to the forenoon session of the seminar, danseuse Rajashree Shirke (Mumbai) showcased Sant Kanhopatra, featuring Marathi women saints. The rasikas were awe stuck by her stunning performance. In the Kathak style, the dancers told the story of how Sant Kanhopatra was drawn to Lord Vittala.

Dr. Madhavi Narsalay, University of Mumbai, spoke on Institutionalising identity through divinity' - Female saint poetesses of Maharashtra - Janabai, Mahadaisa and Venabai and the specific bhakthi cult popularised by them and their individual identities. Interesting one!

Priya Sarukkai Chabria (Pune) dealt on Aandaal - the Autobiography of a Goddess and finally, Akhila Ramnarayan's topic was on Temporal transgressions - Going global with bhakti.

Vocal pieces of Meerabai were demonstrated by Carnatic singer Vasudha Ravi, along with the multimedia presentations.

The speechs were of researched high calibre content.

The evening slots saw a confluence of different dance styles. Those lined up were, Sangeeta Isvaran's amazing Bharathanatyam performance for Karaikkal Ammayar's poetry verses, that talked about renunciation of worldly desires and becoming one with Lord Shiva, Aditi Mangaldas's (New Delhi), two pieces of solo dances, Seeking the Beloved on Meerabai and Zero Moment, in enticing Kathak - contemporary styles, Mythili Prakash's (USA) fabulous Bharathanatyam on AIKYA - In The Voice of Akka Mahadevi.

Time was well managed. The scheduled short gaps between performances added more value too. Short speeches like Gowri Ramnarayan's take on Meerabai, and information on the guest dancers and their profiles filled them.

The enlightened audience now wait for yet another day of this remarkable experience.

Soundararani V


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