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37th year Art festival 2011

Day 27

Welcome Readers.

Nadanamamani Ramya Ramnarayan presented a Bharathanatyam recital in the evening of day 27. A sishya of Swamimalai Rajarathnam Pillai, she dedicated her performance today to her Guru, on his 80th birth anniversary.

The presentation, emphasising more on his works and choreography, she said she was sticking to the traditions set by her revered Guru.

Commencing the recital with Thodayamangalam, she went on with Chokesar Kauthuvam, and then a Alarippu. The main varnam piece was a Thanjavur quartet's composition in Khamas ragam. Ramya spoke full of awe and devotion to her Guru, before moving to the second part of the performance.

Yarukkahilum, featuring Dasavatharam was the next item - a composition of her guru, where she said, she had contributed her choreography, within the limits of how he had inspired her. The talented dancer had a good audience, who were full of praise.

Dr Vyjayanthimala Bali was present on the occasion.

There on the stage, came like a lightning, dozens of beautiful tiny and young dancers, in green coloured Bharathanatyam costumes. A few were in pink too!

Brightly presenting themselves, the lively bunch of the young brigade performed Bharathanatyam, the tiny tots, the kolattam and more, in groups, to captivating tunes.

With absolute synchronisation, the kids pepped up the spirits in the auditorium. Audience had their eyes fixed on the stage.

The little ones are students of Bharatham School of Dance, run by dance guru, Himaja Ramsharan, and they presented a dance ballet, titled 'Paranthama Vaibhavam'.

The programme was full of Bhakthi rasam, with all the characters from puranams and idhigasams.

Depicting various scenes of interactions between Lords - Krishna, Narada, Hanuman, Rama and more of the characters from epics, it was an absorbing programme.

The credit of, choreography and making them dance to her tunes, goes to Himaja Ramsharan. The show is testimony to the perseverance of the guru, hard work and coordination of all those involved, especially the children.

Soundararani V


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