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37th year Art festival 2011

Day 28

Welcome Readers.

Aravinda Hariram presented a Bharathanatyam recital with Lord Rama as the theme.

A sishya of danceuse Urmila Sathyanarayana, Aravinda's dancing was impressive, and enjoyable to watch. 'Bhavayami Raghuramam' in Ragamalika was the main item. When the dancer was showcasing the abhinaya for the line 'Vilasitha Pattabhishegam', there was a shower of flowers from above. Creative thought.

'Kanda naal mudalai' in Madhuvanti ragam, and Pallavi Doraisamy Iyer's 'Adenamma' were the other items. Oothukkadu's thillana in Suratti was the final piece. There was a good audience for the show, and all of them were appreciative of Aravinda's talent.

Parvatha Chidambaram and Ajith Das, donned the role of Radha and Krishna in presenting a thematic dance titled, Radha Samedha. Right from the dramatic start, watching the entire programme was an exhilarating experience.

The dancers had uniform and gentle coloured costumes that was cool on the eyes. The flower decked stage pepped up the atmosphere to suit the Krishna Radha ambience, and rasa lila.

The performance for the Lalgudi's varnam in Charukesi ragam, 'Innum en manam ariyadadu pol' can be called a masterpiece. The timing of the dancers appearing on the stage one at a time and together were nicely spaced for the 'para mugam theme' scenes, and were beautifully choreographed. Very interesting!

The scenes unfolded in a relaxed and smooth progression. Charming Parvatha has a picture perfect figure and she pleasantly portrayed the character of Radha, Her male counterpart, Ajith Das's performance was not anything less.

A contemporary song 'Varattum avan', composed by V Balakrishnan, in Dharmavathi and Basant Bahar ragams, was a relevant interlude to the grand finale of the lovers uniting with each other, that culminated in the wedding. The item for that was a thillana in Ahir Kalyan, that had the title line 'Radha Samedha Krishna' as the sahithyam. The romantic scenes were aesthetic and subtle. The music team did a good work too.

Bharathanatyam exponent, Chitra Visweswaran's alumni students of her school, Chidambaram Academy for Performing Arts, presented a dance recital with focus on Lord Shiva and Shakthi.

Commencing with a Anubhidhi, composed by Visweswaran for Thrimoorthy anjali (Brahma, Vishnu, Siva), that was performed by half a dozen students, the programme moved on to feature Ardhanareeswara. A male and a female dancers presented this piece elegantly. The krithi was Sama gana lole, composed by GNB in Hindolam raga.

The main item was a pada varnam on the theme by Lagudi, and was performed by the entire group.

It was an entertaining programme.

Soundararani V


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