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37th year Art festival 2011

Day 31

Welcome Readers.

Dancer Lakshmi Ramaswamy (Director, Sri Mudhraalaya), gave a wonderful solo Bharathanatyam recital in the first slot of the evening.

The initial kauthuvam she presented was on peacock, depicting the nature and divine, in Shanmugapriya ragam.

Following that was a verse from Achiar KUravai in Silappadhikaram, the Tamil Epic, set in ragamalika. A varnam composed by Thanjavur quartet, on Rajagopalaswamy in Ananda Bhairavi was the main piece. The jathis for the charanam 'pangaana mayile' was vibrant and entertaining (batifully sung by vanathi raghuraman).

Finally came a Kulasekara Azhwar pasuram - in Thodi, in praise of Lord Krishna. This was said to have been tuned by the Carnatic music legend, Dr S Ramanathan. The jathis for the recital were all woven by Vedakrishna Ram. Endahayum thayum magizhndu kulavi, of Bharathi concluded the presentation. The whole presentation is of a good calibre that will be etched in the audience's minds.

The second programme of this evening was a dance drama, Panchali sabatham by danceuse Urmila Sathyanarayana and her students.

It was a captivating topic that filled the hall on the new Year's eve. The audience sat glued to the seats. The dance drama, vased on Bharathiyar's works, was absorbing and is awonderful programme presented by a dozen students of Natya Sankalapa, run by the dancer.

The scenes unfolded right from Duryodanan's humiliation in front of Panchali, master plan with Sakuni for the revenge, of inviting the Pandavas for the dice game and more. The students, all dressed alike in off white costumes, danced with good synchronisation and bhavams. It was an absolute feast for eyes and ears. Depiction of Sakuni character by a student was all praise by the audience. The dice game scenes were stunning.

The music has specially been composed by Lagudi Jayaraman, and the team comprising the vocalist Swamimalai Suresh and others, had a good role to play in having made it a memorable programme.

Soundararani V


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